Tuesday, January 23, 2007

and...we're back!

Hello, everyone! Sorry about the recent hiatus, and thank you,Butterflyfish for the nudge to update.

I survived getting my grades back. I actually made an A in LRW and was invited to interview for a research assistant position for that prof. I also made the highest grade on the graded memo in my class. I know I'm bragging. I can't help it. It just feels nice to have gotten something right this semester.

I'm waiting for LRW to start, so I'll post more later. I just wanted to get back into the old blogging habit again.


^kat^ said...

congrats on the LRW success! you're allowed to brag a little--that's something to be proud of.

Law-Rah said...

Considering LRW is one of the few practical classes (that you will actually use what you learn) in law school, I'd say you are on the right track!

Anonymous said...


yay! Update!


angela said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! You should rightfully be very proud of yourself.

shell said...

Congratulations! :) Feeling better, I see.