Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring Break is Almost Over

School starts back on Monday. :(

I take a long time to wind down and do nothing. It's Saturday and this is the first day of Spring Break that I haven't studied for at least two hours. Most days I worked at least six hours.

However, I didn't really do much towards my brief. We just got the assignment right before break, so we haven't really talked yet about what to do. I started researching and getting elements written down, but I haven't really sunk my teeth into it.

Now malaise has set in and I don't want to do anything school related. I'll probably take another week to get back into things. I'm depressed that school is starting back. I feel far more productive not going to class. ha ha!


Butterflyfish said...

I could be so productive if we didn't have classes...

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hi, found your blog when i was sifting through some details regarding the first year of law school.

thanks for sharing your law school moments over the internet. I'm jittery about law school and your blog helps keep everything into perspective. Good luck!