Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At Long Last

Time is flying by so quickly that I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd posted until Ana gave me a nudge. Thank you!!!!!

Guess what, folks? I'm in law school! I'm busy! I study A LOT!

I'm slightly drunk posting, so I'll keep it short and sweet and try to work into my schedule a regular time for blogging.

First memo's were returned two weeks ago. I received a "check-plus" and the prof asked if he could use parts of my memo as an example for other students working on memo #2. Memo 2 was turned in Friday and now I'm working on the real deal.

I got my Civ Pro practice mid term back. He wrote lots of "good analysis" and "good argument" on it.

I'm struggling with scheduling and time management. I guess that's normal. I'm getting my outlines in order and wondering when I'm going to memorize them.

I've had the experience now of not knowing the answer in class and not knowing where in the case the answer might lie.

I've laughed when Crim Law prof nailed the lead gunner.

I've gotten drunk at happy hour.

I've done work for K's during Civ Pro.

Guess what? I'm in law school!


seejaekae said...

Good Call Ana! If you hadn't said anything, who knows how long it might have taken.

Law-Rah said...

haha...get used to it for the next THREE YEARS! Ughhhh. One question, though, why are you memorizing your outlines? Are your tests closed book?

Butterflyfish said...
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Butterflyfish said...

I'm having the same troubles... minus the happy hour...yep, its law school.

frillgirl said...

Yes, Law-rah. My exams are ALL closed book. It's quite hideous. :( Let's hear a group awwwwwwww of sympathy for me!!!!