Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Chill Day

I am sort of taking the day off. I haven't had a blow off day in a long time. I go to school six days a week and study seven days a week.

All my outlines are current. I think I've done all the research I need to do for my final memo. I am also almost current with all my E&E's.

After this I'll have to kick things up a notch, I know. My finals will start in five weeks. I should be taking practice tests and reading more of my E&E's.

Sometimes a break is not such a bad thing though, right?

My shoulder is so knotted up that I can't turn my head. It's nice to just spend a lazy Sunday sitting next to Mr. D playing Heroes of Might and Magic and not worry about making top ten percent.

So far today I've gotten completely caught up with many favorite blawgs. I've also managed to catch up here, here and here. I also bought Mr. D a nifty present that I think he'll like. :)

*sigh* It feels quite nice to wile away a day.


Law-Rah said...

Good for you! A break is sometimes all ya need to get the knot out. I would say you seem to be in a pretty good spot school-wise. In fact, you are stressing me out!

Law-Rah said...

That was me. Stupid beta.