Friday, November 23, 2007

No Posts Since JULY????

Has it really been THAT long?

I've thought about the blog. I've thought about you all.

The adage that in your second year they work you to death seems to be true. However, it's not law school that has really worked me to death, it's the "extracurricular" activities that have worked me to death.

I'm an Assistant for Law Review, so I get the opportunity to do more work before I run for the board. I also tutored a 1L class. That meant I had to relearn that class and teach for over an hour 5 times during the semester. In addition, I had to begin my Comment.

The semester has truly flown by. I'm interning over Christmas break so I can boost my resume and hopefully find a job for the summer.

I stopped by my job and someone asked me if I was enjoying time off from work and school. Why yes, I'm enjoying my time off from work and school. I'm enjoying it by spending 12-14 hours a day in the library. :P

I hope that some of y'all still left me on your feed lists! I miss everyone and I'll try to be better. I certainly had tons to complain about this semester, but there were some really rather cool things too. :)

How is everyone???


Butterflyfish said...

Yay! You're alive!!!!

Anastasia said...

I am still here and happy to know that everything is going well for you!

Liza Jane said...

Good to have you back :)

Nick said...

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