Saturday, November 24, 2007

I arrived in the pit of the library at 10am. It is now 10:45 and I am finally about to begin studying.

What have I been doing all this time? I invite you on a tour of inefficiency.

10:00 Get to the library. Note the general forlorn attitude. Unpack crap. Turn on computer, pull out books. Call Mr. Delictis to let him know I arrived okay. Go to locker.

10:05 Arrive at locker. Take out hideous Tax Code and Tax binder. Grimace at how I'm STILL "annotating" the Code. Wonder if I'll finish it today. Look at Evidence stuff in locker. Feel queasy. Slam door.

10:10 Go to Law Review office. Tidy up and make coffee.

10:15 Drop books off at library. Realize that I forgot my extension oord in the car. Wonder just how cold it will get in the library and if I REALLY need the extension cord for my mini heater. Remember how freaking cold I was yesterday. *Sigh* Back to the car.

10:20 Arrive at the car. Grab extension cord. Remember that I didn't get my composition book from my locker, so I have no paper. Bash head into the car.

10:25 Back at the locker. Retrieve comp book. Look in locker mirror. Quickly slam door because I don't recognize the wraith staring back at me.

10:30 Start another pot of coffee in the Law Review office as the pot I made a little bit ago is almost gone. Wonder who drank all the coffee. Assume one person filled up a really, really big cup.

10:35 Back at library. Sort through papers. Ponder whether I want to punch holes with my single hole punch or go upstairs to use a 3-hole punch.

10:40 Feel defeated before even starting.

10:45 Screw it. What's ten more minutes? Blog a little!

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