Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Hate Eggs, But I Love This!

Oh my gosh, this is so cute! I won't eat eggs at all for the most part, but this is just so darn cute! I love cute, I can't help it!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer School Started Today!

But not for me! I'm at Byzantio having a watermelon martini while Mr. D is in a meeting.

I had to go to school today to do some research assistant work. This is the first time I've been on campus since my last exam. I didn't want to go up there. Mr. D didn't want to go there. However, I needed to get some things taken care of for my professor and didn't want to leave him hanging, since he kindly told me not to do any more work until after finals were over. My work didn't take me too long and I got to see some friends.

Friends that are taking summer classes!!!!

Yikes! I can't even imagine going back to school already. Today is the first work day that I've felt like a human being when I got to work. The TBI really acts up when I've been stressed and law school exams have to be the most stress I've been under since the TBI occurred. The only way I can explain it is the feeling of looking at everything through gauzy curtains or with glasses that aren't the right prescription.

Anyway, though, I feel like I've snapped out of it now. I think it was the four day weekend, just relaxing with Mr. D, getting lots of extra rest and generally just chilling.

While at school I found out that grades aren't due until the middle of June. WTF???? My last exam was already more than two weeks ago. Maybe more than three weeks. How long do they need to grade tests? This is ridiculous.

Now I know why the law review write on isn't until July, I guess, while all the normal schools have them in June. We'll just be getting grades at that point. In a perfect world I could possibly grade on to law review at this point, but in the real world, I'll most likely have to write on. In July. #()#$#@!

Anyway, I'm relaxing and finished with a watermelon martini and I'm now wondering what other kind of martini I should try before Mr. D gets back.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Two Recent Yucks

I know we're all glad that I've discovered the joys of including pictures in my blog posts. Two weeks ago, youngest had an away swim meet. After dropping youngest off, Mr. D and I went for provisions.

First we went to Starbucks. I was immediately curious about the diet version of the Orange Creme Frappacino. It was awful. The drink lures you in with a good first impression, but then the aftertaste hits like a bad cough drop. Yuck.

Then we headed over to Wal-mart and ran across an interesting bag of Doritos. Mmmmmm, marketing ploy, we mused. We felt purchasing the chips would be okay because we knew we were being suckered in by the packaging, not just buying it blindly. Again, thumbs down all around. Mr. D threw the chips away because we knew we would keep eating them just to try to identify the odd flavor.

Yes, 1L summer....relaxing and trying desperately not to think about grades or school. Unfortunately I've been plagued by more law school dreams now than since before law school started. :P

Monday, May 21, 2007


Saturday was my friend Jeffrey's birthday. He's an avid bird watcher, so I thought I would make a little flock of birdies for him. They came out really cute and worked up really, really quickly.
School's only been out for a week and I'm crafting! That's a nice feeling. I'm knitting a hat for Mr. D now. Actually, I started it over Christmas break, I think. Maybe it was spring break. Who knows - it's kind of a blur.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chill Time

I'm sitting here playing Heroes with my sweetie. What I'm NOT doing is fretting about school - thinking about the reading I should be doing, the cases I have or haven't read, which classes I've recited in and the odds of reciting again soon. School is starting to drift away in the haze of a very bad nightmare.

Note: school will come crashing back in another couple of weeks when I start obsessively grade checking.

On another game note, I've recently discovered Katamari Damacy. Mr. D bought it for me and it's so bright and fun and colorful!!!

The object of the game is to roll stuff up on to the ball that your little prince is pushing around. I won't go farther, because it sounds ridiculous. Let me just say that it is the perfect remedy for law school brain.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fitness of Character

I just finished the bulk of my Character and Fitness evaluation. It wasn't as bad as I'd feared. I've worked at the same place for ten years, lived in or around the same city for ten years and haven't done anything really bad.

If I'd done this back in September, I could have saved myself $190.

Why didn't I do that?

Oh yeah. First six weeks of law school or something like that.

I'd shelled out almost $1000 in books and spending another $150 on law school didn't seem like anything I wanted to mess with.

I also have to get a copy of my birth certificate, which may prove to be the glitch in my plans. I was born on an Army base in (then, West) Germany. I'm worried that getting a copy of my birth certificate may be quite a challenge because of that.

Has anyone else been in this situation?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let's Be Friends!!

Do you have a Flickr account? Are you on delicious? Magnolia? Twitter? Virb? Last fm? Jaiku? Cork'd?

Let's be friends! Email me your contact stuff if you don't want to leave it on here. Social web stuff is fun, but it's more fun if you have lots of friends. Most of my friends are not as computer nerdy as my darling and I are, so most of my friends are on-line friends.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sigh of Relief

Thank God. It's over. I survived.

Now I can start posting again!

I don't know why I quit posting. I just couldn't get back into the habit of it once school started back up in the Spring. I'm a creature of habit. If I would have gotten into the habit of doing posting right when I got to the library, or something like that, it would have happened.

I also tried to quit turning the computer on when I got to the library. I am so easily distracted. Maybe not. Maybe I'm only easily distracted when there's three to four hours of Con Law reading sitting in front of me.

In addition, I got more than a little weirded out about people in my section reading my blog. Now I guess that I don't have to worry about that so much. No one every said anything to me about it, but nevertheless, especially after that anonymous comment, I was hesitant about posting. Those days of seeing the same faces five hours a day five days a week and three hours a day on Saturdays are GONE!

Exams went better than last semester, I think. I hope. I guess we'll know in about a month. I certainly felt better before them. I wrote tons more practice tests this semester than I did last semester. Actually, doing two practice tests would be twice as many as I did last semester! I just really, really dreaded doing them. That changed when I challenged a friend to do a negligence analysis for products liability in fifteen minutes. I can handle fifteen minutes. Then I increased it and once finals rolled around, doing a 45 minute practice test wasn't so painful.

Thank you, thank Prof. Torts. She really encouraged me and pushed me to do more, better, faster with my exams this semester. Hearing her say that she had faith I could do well gave me a little more confidence in myself.

1L is over!!!! We did it! We survived!!!!! :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

At Wit's End

I know - it's been forever.

Since coming back from spring break everything's been a blur. The brief, studying for finals, etc., etc.

I've hit the wall.

In the last seven days I've taken three exams. I have the last one tomorrow. It's the one I've studied the least for because I understood it and kept up with it the whole semester. And, to be honest, it's the last exam.

I'm still reeling from the third exam. I can't concentrate. I can't sit still long enough to focus on future interests.

Future interests requires focus.

I haven't even gotten to the Rule Against Perpetuities stuff.

Almost in tears.