Sunday, September 17, 2006


My section has one gunner and two junior gunners. They were tolerable at first, but now I want to stab the main gunner in the eye every time he opens his mouth.

My irritation reached new heights the day he sat down next to a junior gunner and said, "What are we going to argue with the professor about today?" Junior gunner, recently shot down for his idiocy replied that he'd learned his lesson and was going to keep quiet. My friend and I argued whether stabbing the gunner in the eye with a pen would be justiable homicide.

Friday, September 08, 2006

To Brief or Not to Brief

The first four weeks are now over. Yay!!!!

It's come to my attention that some people aren't writing out separate briefs. Is this a common practice? Am I wasting valuable time? Right now I read the case and highlight the different elements with different colored highlighters. Then I go back and type up a brief. In class, I write important notes that we discuss in class on that piece of paper.

Should I just be reading and highlighting? It seems like having a typed brief for the cases seems like a good study aid....not that I have a chance to really go back and look at them.

It's hard for me to shift my procedures, often to my detriment. My first couple of years back in school I taped my classes and then went back and transcribed them. You read correctly, folks. It took some time to wean myself away from that, but my grades didn't sink.

Please share your wisdom!!!!!

To brief or not to brief, THAT is the question!!!!