Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Little 1Ls

My one year blog-o-versary is coming up in about a week. Where was I a year ago? Nervous about law school, not knowing what to expect, worried as heck about how I was going to pay for everything...

Now the 3Ls whose blogs I read a year ago are feverishly preparing for the bar. The 2Ls will be starting their final year and the 1Ls, a little jaded and banged up will start our second year of law school.

I think the past two semesters passed extremely quickly - after the first torturous month. All my blog friends were soooo helpful. The 2 & 3Ls jumped in with tons of good advice.

Where are the little 0Ls? I'm curious. I want to read about those started on their journeys the way I did one year ago.

Let's face it, I'm ecstatic that I don't have to go through that again.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pro Res Question

First of all, thank you everyone for your warm words of support. I need it. I'm still smarting. Ouch.

When did you take Pro Res and the MPRE? Is there a preferred time? Do I have to take a prep class? Is it best to take Pro Res in the spring, then take the MPRE in August? A friend of mine is thinking about taking it this fall and taking the MPRE in March.

Right now the thought of taking another test I won't do well on in the middle of the semester feels really painful.

What are your wise thoughts on this?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Honey, If It Didn't Suck, It Wouldn't Be Law School

That's what Mr. D said to me on the way home yesterday after receiving bad grade news. Todays news was even worse. After working harder, doing more practice tests, reading outlines countless times, I have consistently done worse this semester than last.

Now I know why 2L's quit caring. The work put in isn't sure to pay off. Why try? The class I skipped the most I've done the best in so far, except for LRW. I quit reading cases within the first month, did few practice tests and only read the E&E once.

I'm left shaking my head, defeated, and ashamed.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Best Day Ever!

Mr. D and I had the best day ever the other day. We took a friend home from work and on the way back, we saw a bird shop that was having a sale. Mr. D doubled back.
We stopped and ate at Ashland House, a wonderful little restaurant. We ate outside on the patio, surrounded by lush greenery and chirping birds. A mockingbird kept trying to steal the cheese cracker appetizers kept at the back of the patio!

The food was wonderful! Mr. D had fried chicken and mashed potatoes, a meal he'd been wanting for a while. His lunch came with fresh, yummy green beans that I kept stealing from his plate, they were so good! I had chicken with dried cranberries, which was quite yummy as well.

After our wonderful meal we went to the bird shop. A huge koi pond in the front yard immediately captured my attention. Dogs were running about, barking and saying hi. They had the fattest greyhound I think I've ever seen!

Then I saw the lemurs! They were so sweet. They came to the side of their huge cage and talked to me. With their long harms, striped tails and huge curious eyes, I imagined they would give the sweetest hugs.

All this before we even entered the store!

The birds were in the back. I've never seen so many large birds before. There was a pair of Lovebirds that I particularly wanted to take home, along with some very sweet canaries. The macaws were beautiful and colorful. Mr. D took great pictures the whole time.

Later we went to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the new Latin American exhibit. It was okay, not as good as the last one we saw. We went around to see some of the other exhibits that we liked. Some Anselm Kiefers are on exhibit right now that I particularly like, as well as a Philip Guston.

We came home tired, but very happy, murmuring multiple times about the best day ever. We had so much fun.

Our day truly was the best day ever!