Monday, May 14, 2007

Sigh of Relief

Thank God. It's over. I survived.

Now I can start posting again!

I don't know why I quit posting. I just couldn't get back into the habit of it once school started back up in the Spring. I'm a creature of habit. If I would have gotten into the habit of doing posting right when I got to the library, or something like that, it would have happened.

I also tried to quit turning the computer on when I got to the library. I am so easily distracted. Maybe not. Maybe I'm only easily distracted when there's three to four hours of Con Law reading sitting in front of me.

In addition, I got more than a little weirded out about people in my section reading my blog. Now I guess that I don't have to worry about that so much. No one every said anything to me about it, but nevertheless, especially after that anonymous comment, I was hesitant about posting. Those days of seeing the same faces five hours a day five days a week and three hours a day on Saturdays are GONE!

Exams went better than last semester, I think. I hope. I guess we'll know in about a month. I certainly felt better before them. I wrote tons more practice tests this semester than I did last semester. Actually, doing two practice tests would be twice as many as I did last semester! I just really, really dreaded doing them. That changed when I challenged a friend to do a negligence analysis for products liability in fifteen minutes. I can handle fifteen minutes. Then I increased it and once finals rolled around, doing a 45 minute practice test wasn't so painful.

Thank you, thank Prof. Torts. She really encouraged me and pushed me to do more, better, faster with my exams this semester. Hearing her say that she had faith I could do well gave me a little more confidence in myself.

1L is over!!!! We did it! We survived!!!!! :)


^kat^ said...

yaaay congrats! and welcome back--we missed you. :D

Anastasia said...

Good Job! It seems like it's been longer than a year that I've been reading your blog! ...And yay for posting!

LawGrrlPwr! said...

Congratulations. I've wrapped up my last final as well. I wish that I had the benefit of a Prof. Torts; I can only imagine how much of a difference she made.

Law school has been a very lonely experience, and after speaking with others in my section, realize that my feelings aren't unique.

There is little support from the school and little that the family can do. My boyfriend tries to help, but at the risk of sounding like an elitist bitch, must say that he's just not law school material and time spent talking to him about school work is time wasted. I dare not waste time.

I'd rather he kept the apartment clean and let me study. How do you tell someone that? Can you? I can't. He's sweet and I do give him credit for trying.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I believe I'll try to find someone like your Prof. Torts next semester. I will meet with all my professors and see if I can forge some positive bonds that might give me a lift when I need it most.

Have a nice summer!

frillgirl said...

I guess I'm really lucky. While my SO isn't in law school, he would do well if he were. One day I came home and said, "We talked about this case where a guy shot all these kids on the subway." He said, "Oh yeah, that was Bernie Goetz..." He knew all about it. We argued a products liability hypo one day. I just get embarrassed when he asks questions and I don't know the answers. I'm like - I'm just in law school. I don't know everything. Your questions are over my head!!!

Law-Rah said...

Congrats on finishing 1L year. I know you have probably heard this a lot, but the worst is really over. Now, the hardest part will be continuing to actually care for the next two years. YAY for you!!!