Tuesday, July 18, 2006

22 Days til Orientation

This morning I counted the days until orientation. I'm getting close to the deadline. Tomorrow will only be three weeks until school starts. I'm almost ready to get started just so that getting started can be over with!

Have I done all the things I'd hoped over the summer? No. Hardly. The summer before last I accomplished everything I wanted. I have spent my time wisely though, I believe. Mr Delictis and I gazed into one another's eyes, played Heroes of Might and Magic, laughed, loved and all of that love stuff. I love him endlessly and I would rather wile away my summer in his arms.

I have felt some redemption by reading on other blawgs that I should not spend this summer pouring over material for the upcoming school year. I had that feeling myself. Going in to a rough year drained and burned out because I studied all summer does not sound like a wise move. I've read most of DeLaney's Legal Reasoning so I have some idea how to brief a case.

One thing that I feel is necessary to finish before school starts is having my iTunes organized. When I moved my music over to my new laptop (a lovely gift from Mr D), much of my lyrics, artwork and album info disappeared. That will not do. A major source of procrastination for me is to spend ages looking up all the aforementioned information so that all my boxes are filled in iTunes. Yes, it's incredibly anal retentive. I get such a sense of satisfaction when someone happens to look at my iTunes and sees how I have ALL the artwork and ALL the lyrics for ALL my music. Right now I'm on the f's.

I'm going to try to get in the habit of updating more frequently. I get the idea that nothing exciting has happened, when in reality, nothing exciting really has to happen for me to post. I love reading the minutae of people's lives and perhaps if anyone's paying attention to this, they'll enjoy reading mine.

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