Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogger Woes

Blogger has been giving me fits. I'd go to my page and it would display code rather than the lovely blog you see now. I am moderately well versed in html and I discovered that when I edited the template, the code towards the bottom of the page was being deleted for some reason. Too bad I didn't figure that out until after I redid my links for the second time. Now I'm keeping a copy of the template on my desktop. I'll edit that and then cut and paste it each time into blogger rather than wasting my time editing only to have to redo it later.

Has anyone else had these problems and knows of another way around this besides the old-fashioned wordpad fix? This doesn't happen in Dreamweaver, so I'm somewhat at a loss.

Unfortunately, because of these incarnations I managed to lose some of those original links from the first version. If anyone has been left out, please let me know. I was actually thrilled to hear from Anastacia who wondered why she had been deleted. I really like her blog, especially since she's a fellow Houstonian and a Montrosian. I didn't realize that anyone besides Kristine had looked here. Well, her and Mr Delictis, that is. ;)


Anastasia said...

Oh yea! I'm back! Thanks for the add. And how does everyone know this Kristine person? I think I've seen her post in reference to Cella's blog as well.

Butterflyfish said...

Found you through your comment at "wishiwouldhaveknown"

In a similar boat (married, 30something, lawschool) -- and I actually read Delaney's LLR book too. It was ok.

Best of luck this year. I'll be reading you and linkin to you.

Unknown said...

chill out with the law school thinking...

think about everything else in the world while you still have time

im not a a southsider...but i kick it in the trose and ana go way back (to orientation)