Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Law School on the Brain

I eat, live and breath law school. What will it be like? What will I be like while in it? What will my grades be like? Will I do well? Will I do poorly?

I dream about school almost every night. Last night I wore some fabulous clothes in my dreams, I might add.

I work very hard not to talk about school _all_the_time_, but it's always on my mind: paying for it, finding a job, working during it, my grades.....

It's just a little over a month before it starts.


^kat^ said...

Hi there! Through a somewhat roundabout series of steps (clicking on one of Kristine's comments, then clicking on your link) I found your blog and, to my utter amazement, your link to my blog on your 'roll. And I thought I'd take the opportunity to chime in here and mention that the other night I had the most vivid dream that all my friends made law review, but I didn't make ANY journal at all, and I was checking the list for the eighth time when I woke up.

So, I wish I could say that the dreaming-of-law-school thing will stop once school starts, but alas. I tend to be so tired that I don't remember my dreams, so maybe that helps. :)

Anonymous said...

You are a Double Shot of Bourbon" height="100"
By and by, you're the easy going type.
But when you decide it's time to howl at the moon, someone gets screwed and the cops earn overtime.