Thursday, July 27, 2006

Collection of 1L Advice

I've assembled a small collection of 1L advice that I've stumbled across at some point or another. This is not an endorsement, but I thought it might be useful for myself and maybe others at some point. If I've left out any advice, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

Prof. Lois Schwartz
Dahlia Lithwick
Garret Moritz
3L Epiphany
more from 3L Epiphany
A Mad Tea Party
Will Work for Favorable Dicta
Passionate Discourse
Magic Cookie
more from Magic Cookie
Wish I Would Have Known
My So-Called Internet-Based Life
Collateral Evidence
Soap Box Lawyer
more from Soap Box Lawyer
Confessions of a Sober Law Student
Peanut Butter Burrito
Burning Light of Reason
Modern Acropolis


Monsieur 2L said...

Your forgot to mention DO NOT go to law school for the money.

frillgirl said...

ha ha! You won't believe this, but I was in Princeton Review with a chick that said that's why she was going to law school. For me, an increased standard of living is part of it, but definitely not the driving force.

Find a posting somewhere that talks about it, and I'll be happy to link it!

Trevor said...

I think Tejinder has the best incoming 1L advice I've seen anywhere:

frillgirl said...

Duly noted and added. Thanks for the info! :)

Kurt Hunt said...

Another collection your readers might find interesting is my "1L Diaries" collection. I gathered essays from 10 law students who just completed their first years, and there's a lot of good advice and slice-of-life stories.

The 1L Diaries

Austin Groothuis said...

I posted another compilation here. Note the three podcast interviews with professors from CALI. They are a pretty good listen.

Jessie said...

Jessie ZaylĂ­a's Law (and Law School) Blog, which can be found at: