Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Dying Dream

I've been studying Torts all week. I feel asleep reading about Negligence last night. Yes, I've studied for several hours each night and as of Friday night I was only to Negligence. When I did practice multiple choice questions Thursday night, I was getting a significant number wrong.

I feel like I should kiss those top 10% dreams goodbye and focus on passing. I can see possibly an A in LRW, but that's it.

The times I felt like this in undergrad, the solution was to study more, longer, harder. I don't know how to possible squeeze out any - "more."

I feel so lost and behind that I almost just want to give up.

I have two practice exams, neither of which are on the material I've studied this week. One is for last week's study materials and last week I felt like I was just beginning to get geared up. This week was much better studywise, but still I am having a lot of trouble entering the study zone. I think it only happened once or twice this week. Last night I was so tired that I'm not sure I got a lot out of it.

I know these freak out feelings are normal.....everyone is feeling the pressure.

I feel like I'm constantly fighting giving up. I know that law school makes you doubt yourself. I guess I just wasn't prepared for that.

Yesterday my friend asked me a question about felony murder something or other and I said I really wasn't sure. She said, "But you know everything! You always have the answer."

Ha. I must be faking a lot of people out. It's not going to work on the exam, though.

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Stare Decisis said...

It's too early to decide what grade you are going to get. Assuming your school grades on a curve, anyway. Just do the best you can, and when grades come out you'll see where you stand. Right now you only know how you are feeling, and chances are everyone else is feeling lost. The first semester is the hardest - it gets better after that.