Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mistaken for a Homeless Person

Last week I was having a particularly blue day. I sat down in front of the law school building waiting for Mr. D to pick me up. My school, like many others, is not in a particularly classy part of town. While I was sitting there, an intoxicated man strolls up to me and asks me if I need some money. I thought he asked me if I was with someone, so I said yes. He pulls a dollar bill out of his pocket and tries to give it to me!!!!!!! I declined his offer. Then he asked me if I had a place to go!

I know that finals are stressing me out and that I'm looking a little worse for wear, but I didn't know I looked that bad!!!!

On the finals front, I have my first final, Civil Procedure, on Tuesday. I was such a good studier in undergrad. I don't know what's wrong with me now. I'm studying, but it all seems so futile. It's really, really hard to get that good study groove action on. In undergrad I knew the amount of studying required to get the best grade in the class or close to it. Now I don't really know what that amount is, only that it has to be more than undergrad. In undergrad I used to get really stressed out. Now I'm stressed out, but it's more of a defeated stressed out, like - it's useless stressing out because you're not going to make As anyways, or you might make one A.


Butterflyfish said...

i know... this sucks... zams suck...

today one of the girls at my son's daycare was like, oh, your hair looks... interesting today. effing unwashed ponytail.

Anonymous said...

It's almost over!

(Well, one-sixth of it is. But you'll be surprised how fast time flies after this.)

Marie Ann said...

Teheh this is a funny story :) thanks for sharing it.