Sunday, November 05, 2006


The major thing I've accomplished this weekend is sleep. I've taken long naps and gone to bed at 8:30pm, sleeping til 8:30 the next morning. I've had two naps today.

Is this normal three weeks before finals? Maybe I'm just stocking up on sleep. I have low level anxiety right now. I feel like I should have more rules memorized, done more reading, more studying.

Instead of studying and memorizing, I'm sleeping!!!!!!!

It's not even that I'm kind of tired and sort of want to take a nap.... I just fall asleep. My eyes close while Mr. D is talking to me.

It's really hard to be motivated. I want to do well in school. I can't believe I'm sleeping so much.

Where is that burning, fiercesome motivation of undergrad? Right now I just feel beat down. In undergrad I would intentionally wait to study, relishing the stress. I know that won't work now. I can't just study all night the night before and make the highest grade in the class. However, at this point I feel like no matter what I do, it's too late to do really well.

Mr. D says he's seen this semester after semester....the naps, the blues, the defeatism. He says I go for a week wearing sweats everywhere, then one day, the fire is lit and it's on.

I think that comes from knowing exactly what was entailed to be the best. I'd just buckle down and do it.

Now the thought of memorizing a 30 page outline seems impossible. Never mind that I would learn 250 paintings for an Art History exam. For some reason, that just seems like no big deal.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Law school sucks. I don't regret my decision to be here, but it sucks ass.

Another thing - could people please stop asking what makes law school so hard? Or if people won't stop asking that, could someone in law school tell me how to explain why it is? The explanations coming out of my mouth aren't met with any understanding. I say, "There's one test. Everything is new. It's a lot of pressure. Everyone wants to do well. You don't really know what to expect. You're not regurgitating material, you're applying rules to a new fact situation." No one I know seems to think that's a big deal.


Butterflyfish said...

Law school sucks. I don't regret my decision to be here, but it sucks ass.

Truer words have never been blogged. And i don't have a better answer for you.

^kat^ said...

can you condense your 30-page outline into a less-than-30 page outline? I found the act of trimming and re-organizing not only made the outline more manageable, but I also retained more information in the process, so that which I cut out wasn't actually gone. (but then, we're generally allowed to use our notes for tests, so we didn't *have* to memorize anything.)

good luck! you'll feel a lot better after you've made it through even one exam...

Jeanne said...

Definitely try and condense your outline more. I usually go for 10 to 15 pages.

People who aren't in law school don't get it. There isn't a good way to explain law school.